About Us

JSDC (JavaScript Developer Conference) 是台灣最⼤的 JavaScript 年度性技術研討會,旨在提供台灣中⾼階 JavaScript 技術人才與世界最新 JavaScript 相關技術討論與分享。並希望各界廠商合作與中高階技術⼈才的媒合,創造雙贏的正向循環。

This year, JSDC is moving on to integrate the technical power from various local communities. We are making this platform for each community to share their featured topics. Also, we are inviting numerous high level international developers to make the technology globally interchangeable. With the guarantee of high attendance rate (>95%) and number of attendees (>600), plus the power of the association, we want to summon more developers to make a leap and make Taiwan's front-end industry even more mature and globalized.